New Teachers to coding

I was clueless about teaching coding when I started on the 04th of May 2020. I was so excited when I finally managed to engage a group of ICT Kgakotlou to coding course A. They managed to complete the course and obtained certificates. I would like to challenge them to create Phone Apps and other resources for their classroom. As I am still new to coding myself, I need support from community members for me and the group of teachers I am mentoring to achieve the goal. I also want all of us to become part of professional development. We are all from Limpopo Province in South Africa. The questions I would like to ask are:

  1. How can as teachers become part of professional development?
  2. How can we obtain recognized programming certificates like diploma/degree?
  3. How can we this programme assist our rural schools without IT resources?
  4. Can we teach all subjects with coding?
    Will be glad to get your response to the above questions