No Robots...what should I do?


I am currently creating a unit outline as a replacement for Unit 6.
App Inventor is going to be the title.
The unit will have an overview and how to use the MIT App Inventor website.
Topics that will be covered, but not limited too are:
Speech Recognition
Tilt to move
Take a pciture and video
Multiple screens
Icon arrangement
Milestone projects will need to be set per topic covered in class.
Final Project is to successfully use on an Android device (Android because the MIT website is only compatible with Android’s)

You can teach them how to upload app to iTunes and there are some competitions out there for students who create apps.



You may want to check out the lessons used in Mobile CSP’s first 2 units - mobile CSP



I am creating my lesson to write the lines of code for the “Human” robot to follow as I too do not have robots.