On dropdown menu, the event is not triggered if the first option / option displayed is the one that you want

Isn’t this a problem if you want to use the first option? The event will never trigger because it must be “changed”. To click on another option and then back to the first option seems illogical and unnecessary. I am telling my students to add a space for the first option so the user must “change” the option and trigger the event.

@jweiland Please elaborate the problem your are experiencing with U5L5.8. If you think there is a bug, please contact support@code.org and submit a ticket.

I have told my students that the first option in a drop down menu should be something along the lines of “Select an Option”. This way the menu selection will never be the first one and will avoid this problem. This is the same solution that you have offered but has helped my students because they are familiar with drop down menus that do this.

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I added a first option in the drop down list, " Day List"
that way, any day selected is a “change”.
It solved the “Monday” problem.