Ozobot Algorithm Challenge Assessment



Students have been using Ozobots to show me that they understand the Problem Solving Process and the components of a computer. The Ozobot game board simulates a school/office building that needs to be cleaned by vacuum robots. The problem for the Ozobots is to go to all twelve rooms the fastest without visiting a room that is right next to the last one visited. The student build an algorithm to fill in the missing paths (from room to room). The students then use pictures and/or video to create a presentation that shows how the students used the Problem Solving Process and the components of the computer (Ozobots) to solve the challenge. This assessment could be used as a substitute for the Design an App assessment.

See below for more details.


This is a picture of a possible Ozobot course to be solved:


This is a picture of the Ozobot course with the students’ solution (algorithm) in the center.


Thanks for sharing this Ozobot challenge. I really like the idea of applying the Problem Solving Process using the Ozobots. Please continue to share ideas.


Students create presentations to show that they know, understand, and can demonstrate the problem solving process and the components of a computer. (The students can choose to make a poster, slideshow, skit, puppet show, video, etc. Here are some exemplars:


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Here are other solutions (algorithms) to the Ozobot Challenge.