Pair Programming Error

I am having some difficulty with the paired programming feature. I turn the feature on and off, so that I can control when students can pair and when I can turn it off to assess their individual understanding.

About a week ago, I turned the feature off from the “Edit” function on “My Dashboard,” but I still have students who are paired. I have had them log out of, but it continues to link them.

Is there something else I can try to get them unpaired?

Hi @adunn,

Have you tried to have each pair go back up to where they setup the pair programming but this time choose “Stop Pair Programming”? To get there,

  1. Have students go to upper right of their screen where their user name is and click
  2. Choose TEAM
  3. Choose Pair Programming
  4. Choose “Stop Pair Programming”
    Pair Programming

Good luck!

So, I just logged in and attempted to follow these steps; however, I have clicked back through the lessons and levels and it never gives the option to “Stop Pair Programming.” It doesn’t even have the “TEAM” option in the upper right of the screen.

I put in an email to support because I don’t know what else to do to get the students unpaired.

Thank you for the idea, Michelle!