penUp in the different exercises

I saw in sample code that the penDown and penUp commands do not appear. Is there a reason? Based on instructions, I had thought those should be used. In particular, I thought the penUP was to avoid over or double drawing some lines. I did see in the example code, it draws over and actually makes that segment slightly darker or appear thicker. Maybe my imagination, but wonder if a reason not to expect students to use the up and down…
Jim Reilly

Hi Jim,

For certain exercises you don’t need pen up and down to achieve the result. They are present in the toolbox for consistency across puzzles. Since this puzzle is about efficiency it seems like a worthwhile conversation to talk about the many different types of efficiency. One of which might be not drawing over the same line. Another might be it takes less code when you do draw over the same line. The real goal is to get students talking about these concepts.



Thanks. That makes sense and good idea to share the different ways to view efficiency.