Personal Website - Student Clicked "Restore Version" Button

My student was trying to link his CSS to his personal website in U2L10. He hit the Restore Version button thinking it would only delete his recent activity, but it deleted his entire website.

Any way to get it back or is it gone forever.


Oh no, that’s rough! I just tried restarting a project & there was still stuff under “Version History” for me. Can he click there and get it back?

If not, I’d recommend emailing with your account email, the student’s account email, the level it happened on, and as close to the date/time of the boo-boo as you can. Unfortunately there’s not much we can do about it from here. :frowning_face:

Best of luck,
–Michael K.

Thank you. He was able to restore it with one of the Version History links. Whew!! I believe he learned a valuable lesson.

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