All work/Site Disappeared

I have 3 students beginning CSD Unit 2 Chapter 14 when their entire site erased and all green dots disappeared.
It happened last Tuesday to one, and just today to 2 students. One day they were working on it, and the next logged in and it was gone.
They do not have a Version History… it just says “start over”

Any ideas or suggestions???

Hi Aimee,

Is sounds like they might have accidentally moved over to the 2017 version of the course. Have them go straight to and see whether their green bubbles are back. If that doesn’t work, please submit a “bug report” and we will walk through it with you. When you submit the bug report, please ask for Elizabeth to answer it, so it will go through to me. I can’t help as much on the forum because I might have to ask for account information, which can’t be shared on a public forum.


Hi Elizabeth!

Right after posting to the forum I reported a bug. The response I got from them was that my students did in fact switch between versions!! (I did not even realize this was possible!) I am overwhelmed with the fast response from both you and the bug report!

Thank you so very much!