Student Progress Being Deleted

I have 3 students in my class whose website progress has been deleted overnight. It’s been saving day-to-day in the past. But today…it’s all gone. This is extremely frustrating, and it doesn’t seem to be tied to any particular device or browser. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Potential solution?


Hi Ryan,
This sounds like a serious bug. Can you submit a big report in Code Studio by clicking the menu at the top right and choosing “Report a Bug”? That will make it easier to try to track down what is going on.

Another thing you might want to check is that they are looking in the right place. Sometimes kids have accidentally spun off their work into a project by accidentally clicking the “Remix” button, and they don’t realize it. They can check by going to the “My Projects” link on their system, or you can look at all the projects for the students in a particular section by going to that section and choosing the “projects” tab.

They can also check the “Version History” to see whether they accidentally erased their progress. If so, they can just go to a previous version from before they erased everything.


Good Day! Unit 2 Part 6 Lesson 8

I have one student’s progress on Webpages that is not coming up. It gave us trouble yesterday and then finally popped up. Today it looks as if he never has done anything. Strange thing is that I can pull it up on my progress monitoring and all of his work it there. Any ideas? We have signed in/out, changed computers, nothing seems to work.


Bette Koenig

Hi Bette,

Can you report this as a bug by either following the “report a bug” link in the Web Lab top right menu or by emailing This sounds like something the Web Lab team should be looking at.