Multiple students complaining about code being deleted in code studio

I have two students who are working on unit 3, chapter 1, lesson 14. They are creating their interactive card. They both claim their code was deleted. Has there been an issue with that in code studio? Is there something they could be doing to cause code to be deleted?

I would submit a bug report (menu in upper-right corner => Report Bug) and that will get the direct attention of the staff who can look into that for you. It may be helpful to include the usernames of the affected students or maybe have the students themselves submit bug reports.


Check to make your students have hit the ‘run’ button before leaving the page. The save is triggered by running the app even if it isn’t finished or if there are errors/warnings.


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I had this problem too last month. The students panicked and learned a valuable lesson on backup. I had them copy their code to google document when they were working on long projects. I will report the problem next time. Will encourage the students to report as well.

I did not realize that. This is good to know. I had a couple students who lost their history as well. That’s when I had them start saving their code to google docs before leaving class.

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I’m sorry to hear that the kids are having problems with the site. That’s great that you are submitting bug report, because it’s the best way for us to get the information we need to address the problem ASAP.

One small note, if your students are under 13 years old, we are not allowed to respond to their bug reports. This is part of our privacy policy as it applies to children. We can still try to address the bug, but we need to immediately delete any personally identifying information from the students, and we cannot communicate with them to let them know what’s going on.

I know that doesn’t apply to everyone here, but please know that we may not be able to answer younger students’ bug reports. In those cases, the teacher will need to submit the report so that we can communicate directly with an adult.


@elizabeth_admin Thank you Elizabeth. This was extremely frustrating for some of the students when they worked on their game app through Unit 3 Lesson 14 and Lesson 22. What really puzzled me was how the history was lost as well. This was an assignment that was paced across multiple bubbles. They lost the work from the previous bubbles as well. I understand you cannot communicate with the students directly, so I’d be happy to submit the bug report on their behalf when it happens next time. Would it help if I go back and submit a bug report for a student who had this problem and had to redo their work?


Hi Maya,

I’m sorry it’s been so frustrating. Yes, that would be helpful to submit a bug report, because it will help us to track the follow up that we might need, and definitely if it happens again. Also, if you submit a ticket, we can potentially log in as that student and see whether there’s anything we can find.

I had a student with a similar issue, and eventually I realized that she had somehow clicked “Remix” and was not working in the right place anymore. Her new code was in her “Projects” area instead of the course workspace. As a teacher, you can check to see whether this is the case by clicking on the name of the course in your teacher dashboard, then choosing the “Projects” tab to see all of the projects from your students.

The student can also check by clicking “Projects” on the top of the screen in Code Studio.

Thanks for your patience on this. I know from experience how it feels to see your students work hard and lose all the things they’re so proud of.


I did check the project Elizabeth. Would the remix remove history from the previous bubble activities as well?


It doesn’t remove it from the bubble activities. What happened to my student is that she didn’t realize that she was working in the project area, so when she logged back in and couldn’t find her changes in the bubble activities, she thought everything was deleted.

Did you make a bug report? That will help us do what we need to investigate.


Ah, I didn’t know that about students submitting bug reports. Thanks for filling us in on that. :grinning:

I have also noticed that the students do not have to actually answer the questions when asked. I had one that literally put in something like “kaddlkhkhgkl” and was then able to click RUN. You could not go back and Revise the history to make him correctly answer the question. I was a little disappointed. He was very Thrilled too say the least.

Can the student go back and change their answer?

I think that has taken the stance of not checking any answers to facilitate removing blockers for students. Other software packages that I have used take the opposite stance and students have to have everything exact and it becomes this blocker for the student and they give up.

Either way makes for issues that, as a teacher, we need to anticipate and set expectations for.