Deleting Student Progress

If I have a student enrolled in CSD using Google account, and the student needs to retake the course next semester due to illness or other, is there a way to purge the student’s progress, so they can start over again?



Hi Sam,
If the student hasn’t made much progress, it might be easiest to simply use the version history on the levels completed. I know that if you remove the student from the class they generally retain their progress in the coursework. Others may have better ideas. That could become cumbersome if they’ve completed a large amount already.

I have several students that have gone beyond where they were supposed to and i need to delete that progress is there any way to do it from the dashboard?

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Has anyone found a way for the teacher, rather than the student, to reset student progress?

Kenneth and Elizabeth,

I don’t know that answer but it’s a good question - I would submit a bug report (even though it’s not a bug) as a possible feature that will be added in the future.


I agree. A reset progress button would be a helpful feature for teachers to have. Where it not only resets the coding, it resets the colored dots.

Great idea.
I forwarded your suggestion onto the curriculum team.

Has anything come of this? I’ve got a student that clicked through all the lessons but didn’t actually do any of the coding. Everything is green, but she hasn’t actually done everything. I can look at her code on each lesson individually, but that’s getting a little tiresome.

Also, if a student hasn’t actually done any of the work, it seems like it shouldn’t turn the dots green.


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I totally appreciate your comments. Due to the nature of the tasks students need to complete, it would be very difficult to create a tool that would make sure that the students had completed everything on that level before turning it green. That works in Hour of Code where there is a one step task to be completed, but in many of the CSD levels, there are multiple tasks and even multiple correct ways to accomplish a task.

This is a recurring question, though. How do we monitor progress without having to look at every line of code or even every level? I think there’s probably a different answer for each teacher, but I can share what I do. I have identified several “checkpoint” levels that to me show that a student has understood the work preceding it. Then, I only check those levels. I assume if they were successful at that level, they understood what came before it.

When I get a student who has just clicked through it all and tells me they are done, I will spot check a few levels and then diplomatically talk to them about how a green bubble doesn’t really mean much to me, but that I need to see their work on the different levels for me to know they are understanding the material or I need them to demonstrate to me that they understand everything they “skipped.” I occasionally, (very rarely) have a student who can demonstrate they can do it without doing all of the levels and if their projects are top quality, it doesn’t bother me much that they skipped some of the earlier bubbles.

Also, I don’t have any insider information, but about a year ago, did send out a survey to teachers with a few potential remedies for the above mentioned problem and I don’t know where they are in that process, but I do know that they are aware of the issue and are always working to make the course easier to teach and monitor. This year they have added end of unit assessments to each unit and I know they will continue to work on issues like these. They are also open to suggestions directly if you contact them at

Hope this helps, but if anyone else has any great strategies to help in situations like this, please let us know. I’m always looking to improve how I monitor student progress.



Thank you, Mike. I’ll see if I can identify some of the ‘checkpoint’ levels. In the meantime, I think I’m going to open a feature request to reset the ‘completed’ levels.


I agree that would be a good feature.


does anyone know if this is now an option, I want to reset progress for entire class so that they are all beginning at the same place/level during our distance learning period.

I don’t believe this is available yet. Sorry!


OK, that’s what I figured! Thank you for replying!

I see through the other answers that there is not a way to re-set student’s answers but some kind of way I clicked something and all the bubbles are checked on my student’s post test for Unit 1. Is there some way to re-set the that post test. It was purely something that I did because looking at the test, there are no answers on any of them. Please help.

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Hi @roxann.anderson,

To my knowledge there’s not a way to completely erase a student’s test results from the teacher’s point of view. I’d recommend filing a bug report at to see whether the engineers can fix it for you. Best of luck!

–Michael K.

Hello! A progress-resetting option like you described has been the #1 most-requested new feature among teachers for several years running, for a variety of reasons and use cases. We hope to add this in upcoming updates for 2021. Our apologies for the inconvenience on not having this available yet, and we appreciate the feedback!


Thanks for the comment. This is not really a resetting. The students NEVER took the quiz. I don’t know what happened. It now shows that 100% of the students took it but there are NO answers there when I check. I don’t even have 100% of my students logging in for class. Definitely a glitz of some sort.

This might be worth reporting a bug.

Hi august 2021 - is there now an option to do this?

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