Reset Level Progress for Teacher Account

When I model a lesson for students, my progress is recorded at each bubble, especially for the projects that stretch across lessons. For each new student section, I have to reset every bubble with “Start Over” before beginning to model the lesson again. This also occurs when I have attended a training session and completed the levels as part of the process.

One solution that was suggested was to create a dummy student account for myself in each section. I sync to Google Classroom, with district-managed email accounts, so that is not an option for me.

I have made a “Demo” section, with dummy student accounts using the word logins. That works, but that log-in process is a little cumbersome, and I have to log out of one account and into another every period.

I’m wondering if it would be possible to add a “demo” mode to a teacher account that would allow a teacher to model the lessons they want, without storing the work/progress. Another option would be to have a single “Reset Lesson” button that restores all the bubbles within that Lesson to their starting content, or that lets the teacher choose what to reset - bubble, lesson, or unit.

Or am I missing a much easier way to do this?

Thank you!



Thanks for posting. The ability to reset progress is on the list of improvements planned for next year. We’ve recorded your comments to keep in mind as we make these improvements.


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