Reteaching lesson

Is there some way to clear a student’s progress for a lesson? I was absent and left plans for the sub to teach a lesson. Needless to say, it did not go well. Is there a way to clear what the students did and start from scratch so I can work with them.

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I do not think there is a way to clear the green bubbles from a lesson but that does not mean that student cannot go back a redo them. I encourage my students to go back and reference certain material, watch videos again, and even to open another page with a different bubble or map level so they can reference it when creating somewhere else.

Its refreshing to see mastery as the goal and to understand that most times that means going back to material and trying again.

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@knovak I totally agree with John.

Just wanted to add on to that, sometimes my students find it helpful to clear the history of the level by clicking on the Version History button, then clicking on Delete Progress to start from scratch. This wont clear the color of the green bubble, but can allow them to try it again.

Hope that helps!

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I wish I could unclick the bubbles as well I have students who think if is green it is done and good even if they did nothing in that one!

@rbrandon, totally! I agree! I made sure my students knew I was aware of that. In the beginning of the year, I would do random checks during class and call out instances of that I saw on my end, without naming the student.