Teacher Modeling - Can we reset our progress? Reset the workspace?

Before I teach each lesson, I go in and complete it myself, which is awesome.

But then, when I go in and want to model some parts for the students, my work is already done.

Is there a way to reset or make it a fresh canvas for modeling with my students?

Loving these lessons!!

I do too! I then make a dummy student account (or two or three) to show it “fresh.”

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Most levels have a purple “start over” button that will allow you to reset your progress on that level so you can demo for the students. I use it all the time.


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Oh wow! I see it now! THANK YOU! For some reason, I was missing that one!! Thanks so much!

*It’s right next to show code, for anyone else looking for it… I included a screenshot below.

Screen Shot 2021-12-14 at 1.47.02 PM