Teacher Model in Web Lab

I am teaching Web Development to multiple classes. I often like to model the level before they try it, or have them share their answers so I can use them, too.

Maybe I’m missing it, but, when I go to Web Development, it already brings up work I’ve previously done, so I have to reset/Start Over to go through it all again. Also, in order to practice the levels on my own, I go through them myself.

Is there a way that the Teacher Copy of Web Lab can refresh every time? Should I create an extra account and use that account to demonstrate?


@csparwasser ,

There are two ways to reset it. The first is as you describe (and what I do) the method of clicking the “Version History” button and then the “Start Over” button.

The other option you have is to email support@code.org and give them your account and they are happy to completely wipe your course clean for you.

I use the start over button because I might teach the same lesson 3 times a day, but if you are teaching one group now and one group next semester, emailing code.org could be more efficient.

Hope this helps!


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Thank you; I thought that might be the case. I appreciate your feedback!