Reset Students work

I have a students who joined my class a few weeks before the end of our fall semester. She didn’t get to do much of the work, but she started working from the beginning of unit 3 and got through 4 lessons before the semester ended. She rejoined my spring class so she could do the full class.

My question is this:

We are beginning unit 3 now and I want her to be able to rework the lessons so she is able to fully participate and is able to refresh since it has been some time since she did the activities. Is there a way to reset just this 1 unit for her?

At this time the only way to reset is to have her click on “version history” and then “start over” on every lesson. I will bubble this up to the curriculum team to see if they have a different way of resetting.

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Hi Lisa,
Is there any chance you use “pair programming” with your students? The early lessons in Unit 3 lend themselves well to it. If your returning student signs in as a partner on another account, they would be able to go through those 4 lessons as if the first time. When she returned to her computer, clicking the bubbles would show her her own original work as well as a link to the new work she did with her partner.
Another option would be making her a brand new account, but that’s not usually a convenient choice.

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