Pilot - U3L03 - Drawing in Game Lab


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11 students, 9-12th Grades with little experience in CS.

U3L03 - Drawing in Game Lab

With the one day between us finishing Unit 2 and the re-write of Unit 3 being released(a few weeks ago on April 21st), I did a 80 minute lesson on Processing (from Processing.org) which was a good pre-activity for this lesson.

I’m in someone else’s room and their speakers weren’t working so I went through an explanation and then students watched the video individually with headphones/earbuds or with the volume low. They enjoyed being able to create something on the screen and were able to follow along easily enough, then I headed out their shapes and they were making connections to their drawings from the previous lesson and were the origin point of rect vs ellipse is.

I didn’t do any Pair Programming (although suggested) because I have a small group and they constantly help each other out, but I’m seeing difficulties with some later concepts so will be doing some planned Pair Programming then, otherwise with a bigger group I’d do it to manage student questions.


Interesting that you chose Processing as an interstitial, as Game Lab is built on top of processing.js :slight_smile: This is one of the lessons that we shank down considerably, so I’m curious how the pacing was for you.