Pilot - U3L07 - The Draw Loop


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11 students, 9-12th Grades with little experience in CS.

U3L07 - The Draw Loop

The combination of the “drawSprites()” and introduction for the Draw Loop caused some confusion as both of these skills are a bit of a jump from plotting a rect/ellipse on the screen. The biggest issue I saw with my students is that they weren’t comfortable with the idea of the “drawSprites()” to seamlessly replace code with it and learn a new skill, some were still struggling to master the previous skill in the practice of the new skill.

As similar to before, about half my student blazed through it, and for the others I wrote more detailed instructions on the board. 1.) create a var of sprite 2.) set animation to sprite 3.) drawSprite in program > from there I circled those steps and drew a line into the draw loop on the board under the background”white” block to constantly draw a background.

Note: We don’t have speakers in my room so I have the students watch the videos individually - which if I had speakers we would watch together and I stop to explain in more detail.