Pilot - U4L01 - Analysis of Design



Please leave any feedback, thoughts, or resources for the lesson here. As a reminder, good feedback has the following elements:

  • description of your school and classroom context
  • details on what went well when teaching this lesson
  • details on what didn’t go well when teaching this lesson
  • a description of the changes you would recommend to improve the lesson (including formative assessment opportunities you added to the lesson)
  • details on the types of deviations you made from the lesson

For more details on what good feedback looks like, check out the feedback guide!


Quizlet for Unit 4 vocabulary: Unit 4 - Problem Solving: The Design Process (Quizlet)


Thanks for sharing @ebrodz

Other teachers if you want to know when each word is introduced head to https://curriculum.code.org/csd/unit4/vocab/