Pilot - U4L06 - Identifying User Needs

Please leave any feedback, thoughts, or resources for the lesson here. As a reminder, good feedback has the following elements:

  • description of your school and classroom context
  • details on what went well when teaching this lesson
  • details on what didn’t go well when teaching this lesson
  • a description of the changes you would recommend to improve the lesson (including formative assessment opportunities you added to the lesson)
  • details on the types of deviations you made from the lesson

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The lesson went well and I tried to keep with the lesson plan as it was written. My students however had their own adjustments during the interview portion. During the interview they just moved right into that follow up question part of the activity and did not really take time to think and reflect on what additional questions they should ask. I did not stop them and I do not think it impacted the process all that much. During the design process of the paper prototype they kept asking questions and or asked some clarifying questions and I think they met the objectives for this lesson.

One addition I made to the activity was with my warm up. I showed a clip from The Simpsons when Homer was asked to design a car that is based on his vision. It is a funny clip and my kids enjoyed watch “classic tv” and we had a good discussion about how it applies to what they are going to be doing in class today.

Homer Designs a Car

@kbarry18 Loving the fun videos you are finding to connect to this unit!

I showed the simpsons video! thanks for the great warm up! it was an excellent segway into the paper prototype!. My students are having the tendency to either not do the work at all at the moment or rush through the worksheet. Any suggestions? Does anyone have any poster examples yet?

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I used the extension activity as a lesson for my substitute when I was out. I took the idea of a poorly designed product and have the students do some research on a product of their choice and how it could be improved. They use their own devices for the research and the output is a google slide presentation that they have to upload on their shared google folder. I think that this can be done at any part of the unit when you have to be out of the classroom for any reason.