Pilot - U4L03 - User-Centered Design Micro Activity



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Everybody was actively participating in the group activity. This was an activity that was easy to get everyone involved because every student was able to draw from their own prior knowledge.
A set of premade post it notes for the affinity grouping would have saved time for the demo and organization.
A suggestion would be for each student to write in a different color of marker to check for participation during the group activity.
Need to have both videos linked in the powerpoint.


I think this has been one of my students favorite activities during the pilot. We started our discussion of smart clothing by watching clips from Back to the Future II(Clip 1- Shoes and Clip 2- Hover Board/Jacket) and this was a good opening activity to the idea of smart clothing.

What was really great to see was how quickly the discussion went to helping other people when designing their clothing. We live in an area with a large military population I had a good number of students who wanted to find ways to help soldiers who were in danger when deployed in a war zone. Since one of the goals of this unit is to get them to empathize and work towards the developing for the social good it was encouraging to see how quickly they took to the project and that mindset.


@kbarry18 So glad to hear it went really well! The Back to the Future clips are a really cool idea to get them started!