Pilot - U4L11 - Prototype Testing

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I was able to record one of my groups testing their prototype last week.

Charles County Green App- Prototype Testing Video

Overall the testing went well, however the student feedback they were giving to each other was limited. It may have been they had worked through link issues or it was a Friday 8th period and they were burned out from a week of testing. Regardless it helped them prepare for building their apps on APP Lab which we started on Monday and that has been going well.


Watching the video provided in the lesson plan for the What’s for Lunch? app provided my students with a basis for the interactions that may/should take place during prototype testing. Debriefing the sample video and making sure that they have an understanding of the roles made it a rather “pain free” experience for them and for myself. But of course, they are students and they may come up with unexpected interactions which makes the lesson all the more interesting.

I required them to take a video of the testing and post them in our shared folder so they may see how their classmates did.

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Here are the videos of students testing their low fidelity prototypes.

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