Pilot - U5L11 - Interpreting Data


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The Pizza lesson! I taught this lesson to a group of 7th and 8th graders in an advanced technology course. They have already completed all of the previous lessons in Unit 5.

This lesson went relatively quickly. We started with the suggested warm up and discussed the advantages/disadvantages of seeing raw data, tables, and graphs. Next, I distributed the Activity Guides and had the students tally up the votes (in pairs). We then discussed the votes and which pizza we would select. There were great observations about how misspellings or irrelevant data were treated. Finally, we talked about the hardest to categorize items.

Next, I demonstrated to the students how to Make a Copy of the Sample Pizza data. Also, I demonstrated sorting the data, and charting the data. We just spent a couple minutes over basic customization of tables. The students spent 10 minutes creating their own bar graphs based on the sample data. Next we needed to complete the Ice Cream Survey.

The Ice Cream survey post a logistical problem. At the end of this lesson, we are supposed to have students take the Ice Cream Survey in preparation for lesson number 12. Unfortunately, the lesson plan link to the Ice Cream Survey takes students to the master form. I could not figure out how to make a copy of the form or direct my students’ votes to a specific spreadsheet. Sooooo, I ended up making an exact duplicate of the Ice Cream survey, telling the form to dump the results in a spreadsheet, and put a VIEW ONLY link to the survey in our LMS for students to access. If there is an easy way to get a copy of the Ice Cream survey, I missed it. I think it is too logistically complex and time consuming to ask teachers to do what I had to. Possibly an area for working on a little.

Overall: Clear lesson, need to know basic chart editing in Google Sheets (Perhaps a link to a quick tutorial video for teachers in the Lesson Plan). Need to fix the Ice Cream survey logistics. Also a small typo on the activity guide. See screenshot.


@Matt_Rowland - Thanks for pointing out the typo. I fixed that up.

It sounded like you talked about this on the weekly call last night and I think @gtwrobel was going to add some resources to the lesson to help explain how to make a copy of that spreadsheet.

@gtwrobel do you want to summarize the trick here too?


It’s true! We’ve recorded a short explanatory video that we’ll be adding to the lesson shortly. Thanks as always for the thoughtful feedback @Matt_Rowland