Playing Games on Phone - Can't See Variables

My students are working on their final project and I noticed today the functionality for playing on the phone is much improved! They were so excited but we can’t see their score and lives variables. Any advice on this?

Hi Emily,

Do you mean that it’s working on a computer but not on the phone? Can you share the project so that we can see it?


It’s working on the computer (sometimes only if I press “View Code”) but not on the phone.

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Thank you Elizabeth!

Hi Emily,

I’m trying to reproduce the problem, but the score and lives are showing for me. Is it possible that the top of the screen is getting cut off because you are scrolled down a bit in the web browser on the phone that you are using?

On the bright side, I’m having a lot of fun playing the games.


Aw that’s sweet I’ll have to tell them :slight_smile: They work even on your phone? Are you using Safari or Chrome or something else? iPhone? Android? Are they showing on all the games? Sometimes Example 1 - the car game works.

I was using Firefox and Chrome on android, and both of them worked. I tried the cat game and the traffic game, but I couldn’t get the key game to start on the phone because I couldn’t press the “Enter” key from the phone.

WAIT! I just reproduced the error with the cat game on Firefox/Android. Can you open up a bug report from the page where you created the project? I think we might need to investigate some more.


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Ok, yes I meant to ask the girl to change her code and start screen for the “Enter” game. Thanks for the reminder.

Should I do the bug report for multiple programs?

You know what, I think this is just the same bug I’ve experienced earlier this year. Some games’ scores appear only when we press “View Code”. I think those same games are having trouble on mobile, which makes sense. I’ve played a few more on my phone and haven’t had the same issues.

Thanks Elizabeth for always helping! I’ll make the report.

You can make it all one bug report. That should help us figure out what’s happening.