Possibly add Infographic Creation to the Curriculum next year?


Many of my students are opting to create info-graphics as their computational artifact for Explore. A few have given me feedback that it would’ve been helpful to have experienced creating one of those earlier in the school year for practice. Maybe we should give thought to tweaking the curriculum, possibly in unit 2. We could have students create an info-graphic to display their findings from the analysis of the class data, putting together their graphs or other visualizations they made into an info-graphic presentation. This may be adding more time to unit 2, but it might be time well spent to have them practice making their own computational artifact.


You may already know about this, but I directed my students to this website if they weren’t comfortable making an infographic with something like Photoshop: https://www.easel.ly/ It’s got a very simple but flexible interface and there are several tutorials available. Personally I think the students should be responsible for learning how to make their artifact to a degree given that they have around 2 weeks of class time to work on the performance task.