Printing Student Artwork

I’m curious if anyone has explored printing students’ artwork from the final scene? I imagine the problem would be getting a high enough resolution image to print. I think it would be cool to make canvas prints and have a real-life gallery walk.

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You can right-click to save as PNG, but there’s no easy way (that I’m aware of) to get a higher resolution version to print. You could try opening in something like Illustrator and converting to vector, but that always looks a little funky if the image has fine details.

@jdozal I print them out in a grid format and post them in my classroom. It is great!! Students frequently come back to “show” their work to others or sometimes students in my CSA kids will point it out to others to show them what they did in CSP.

I will try to remember to take a picture of it tomorrow :wink:

ALSO, have I told you how awesome your play lists are?!?! My students and I listen to it a lot and every song change a student will say “oh! I like this song!” Thanks for putting that together.

Thanks, Kaitie! My school is hosting an arts festival for our district and I want to display canvas prints next to video loops of the code running. Hopefully it all comes together.


You might want to ask @lynn.garnaat


I like the idea of putting them in the school art show. I hung the projects on my classroom wall so students could see work from other classes. I took a screen shot of the final drawing so I could get the phone framing and printed them on a color printer. For my purposes, that was high enough resolution.