Printing tutorial and "Do This" text for students

Is there an easy way to print all of the tutorial and “Do This” text that a student sees? I have tried to print each screen but the text scrolls and I cannot see all the text at the same time. I also tried to print from the teacher lesson plan page but it doesn’t print each level’s text on its own page.

All of my students have Chromebooks which have very small screens. Some students’ IEPs may require large text. And some students’ IEPs may require limited visual “busy-ness” on the screen. So, I need to print the tutorial text so that students can have it in larger print on paper while they are writing the HTML code on their screen.



Hi Paula,

Do you know exactly what format you’re looking for? Would you need to be able to edit the text to make it bigger? We can definitely get you a pdf with all the instructions, but right now it also has the “For Teachers Only” boxes on it, so it might not be appropriate to share directly with students. If this is something important for accessibility, it’d be great if we could figure out how to best support everyone’s needs.


I need the same thing for my special ed students. Has this been resolved?



I don’t believe I’ve seen anything like this yet, but I encourage you to send an email to so they are aware it is a need. They gather information that is sent to them and use this to determine priority of developing new content and features.

Good luck!