Full View of Instructions on Code Studio

One of my students is having trouble viewing the instructions while doing App Lab levels while working on the code in the work space. One screen or the other is too small. Is there anyway those instructions can pop out to a full view?

Chromebooks in our schools have tiny screens. At my age that is a general problem, but for coding it is a problem at any age.

What you can do in advance is go to the day’s lessons and create an instruction document. Just use the mouse to select all the instructions from the top panel. Ctrl-c to copy. Create a google document then ctrl-v to paste. Voila. Instructions in document form. Print them and that gives your kids all the instructions and the entire screen for code. (There is a button at the top left of the instruction pain to minimize it.) The instructions copy over with graphics, formatting, and everything.

Looks like this: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G4NIXcqALsaoxEspyN2s-0ka-LiGnyoqjW3o3J7dW4E/edit?usp=sharing

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Other than these handles and toggles to resize/expand/collapse sections, I don’t know of a way to make any section larger.

@jdonwells 's suggestions sounds good to me. :grinning: