Increase Font Size In App Lab

In CS A were given the option to increase font size in the app lab. Is there anyway we could get the same thing in CSP? It is so hard to project the code/app lab as is. Thanks!!!

Are you talking about increasing the font size in a project or the font size of the editor?

For the editor, just use Ctrl + or Ctrl -.

For App Lab, you can just change the font size in the Design tab.

For Game Lab, you can use the textSize() block.

For Web Lab, you can use the font-size CSS property.

Just the editor. If I am showing something in text based mode (or even block) it is nearly impossible for students in the back to see what I am doing. Ctrl + makes the entire screen larger and you get in a fight of resizing windows vs text. In AP CS A they gave us a increase font button at the bottom and it is amazing!

I hope that makes sense!

I have not seen this feature in CSP. It would be great to have it, though!

Hi @jeff.rhodes,
That new feature in Java lab, isn’t yet available in App Lab. You can contact and request the feature.

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I emailed them, thank you!

This is what I was doing for online classes. It would apply equally to projecting a screen or even a smart board.