Unit 4 - Chapter 2 - App Design


I have two different students who want to add specific features to their app projects. One wants to give the user the option to resize the text (using a slider or dropdown possibly), and the other wants to incorporate a functioning calculator. How would they do this?


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The functioning calculator is way outside the scope of the course, and because I’m not sure what the exact specifications for it would be, it’s hard to say how the student would make it. I’d suggest that the student create a mock up of the calculator first for a prototype, then figure out what basic functionality could possibly be added.

For changing the text, it’s also outside the scope of this unit, but those skills are covered in the Physical Computing unit, which also uses App Lab. It is possible by using an “onEvent” for the slider or dropdown, then setting the “font-size” property of the text using the setProperty block whenever that event is triggered. More information on how to do that can be found in the following map levels:



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Thank you so much for the helpful feedback. While I’m more concerned about their understanding of the most commonly used UI elements in app design, some of my students want to go above and beyond. That’s part of what makes this course so much fun to teach!

I’ll try the code for changing the font size, and see if that’s something we need to incorporate.


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That’s so great that your students want to go so far with the tool. If they are able to take CSP in the future, they’ll have more opportunities to explore App Lab, too.

Definitely let us know how it goes!