Changing Editor Text Size

I was wondering if it is possible to enlarge the text size of the coding statements in the editor. I also would love to be able to enlarge the text size of the output in the console. It might also help to totally close or ‘turn off’ the instructions tab on the left. Yes, you can ‘fold it up’ but that real estate on the left is still unusable by the editor - which I would MUCH prefer to use when coding. Maybe it is my old eyes, but I really would LOVE to be able to enlarge the editor text without having to simply zoom in or enlarge everything in my browser. Is there any way to do this

Hi @stephen_p_sell ,

Thanks for sharing this feedback. Screen real estate is always something we are trying to address. I will share this with our engineering team too.

In terms of size of font, this is another piece of feedback we have heard. I will share it with engineering as well. It is helpful when we hear these requests from MANY people because then we can prioritize that work (vs. work that one or two users want). When I taught CSA, I would zoom in to the text using command + +. While that isn’t a perfect solution, it worked OK most of the time. Again, I will share the request to have a setting for text size in our IDE (similar to how we have a light mode and dark mode setting).

Thanks again!