Problems with Game Lesson 26

The player is supposed to move when space is pressed. It will not move and the game goes to the Lose screen after a couple seconds.

When I put in a watcher, player.y it shows that player is moving. But the player stays stationary. The only velocityY for the player is when space is pressed or playerFalls.

Hi @lorikaye,

Quite a game! Fun! I think the main issue is in the showScore() function. This function basically hides all the sprites with visible = false. Try commenting out that function with //. Also, try moving the drawSprites above and hit run and then move it below the function call for showScore() and then hit run. I think what is happening is the draw loop first draws all the sprites but then hides them then draws them then hides them etc. When I commented out the call for showScore(), everything worked. I think the main solution is to rethink how to show the score.

Hope that helps!