U3L27: Final Project

The student’s singleplayer option does not display the bananas and arrows like the multiplayer option and they are trying to get these to show up in the singleplayer game option. Here is their game: Game Lab - Code.org

Hi @burnsk,

I love the game. Love the start screens - it makes the instructions very clear.

I tested spike.velocityY in the watcher and it showed me the spike.velocityY= 0 when I press h for the 1 player game. I see that if I press h they should have a velocityY of 4 BUT if o =false (as it does when I press h) then spike.velocityY=0. Because all the o=false code comes after the h=true code, it takes precedence so the arrows and bananas don’t move. If I was problem solving, I would ask why the spike.velocityY and all of moving sprites’ velocities need to ever be 0? Don’t they need to be moving regardless of the number of players? That is my first question when looking to solve this:)

Good luck!