Pseudocode V Javascript- Is there Javascript in the exams?

Pseudocode V Javascript- Is there Javascript in the exams? If not do all exam questions start the index at 1 and not 0? Does this include unit tests?

AP Exam is only AP CSP Pseudocode. Codeorg exams include JavaScript questions as well. I teach my students to see/know the difference when they’re looking at JavaScript code vs pseudocode

The AP CSP course is language agnostic. If you look among the many pre-approved curriculum providers, you will find the course taught either in Java, Swift, JavaScript, Python, and others. There are a few like the CS50 variation that try to get students to embrace multiple different programming languages.

The AP Exam is in pseudocode as mentioned in other response. But be aware that there is no Universal Standard or Syntax definition of exactly how pseudocode should be written. That is why an author(s) explanation of their choice of syntax must be included. Loops or Iteration in pseudocode often have varied syntax styles when contrasting FOR, WHILE, and DO WHILE style equivalencies.