Distinction Between "Java Script and Applab" Question


When my students go to upload their CODE to the AP Board, the AP Board asks which language was used, and 2 of the dozen+ choices are Java Script and Applab.

Most of my students used Applab and the language within Applab is Java Script.

Does anyone know which one they should CHOOSE?

I am aware the user interface has some “behind the curtain” HTML and CSS code which Applab takes care of.




Although the language is Javascript, students who used AppLab should select Applab. I believe it has to do with how they assign readers.



Thanks so much for the note


What would happen if a student selected JavaScript instead of App Lab? I am pretty sure I had a couple of students who either clicked on JavaScript when they uploaded or they put JavaScript in their 2a description.


@jkeays, @alicia_marsh

On the CB forum, they advised us not to worry about returning a submission to correct it.