Submitting Create PT on Digital Portfolio


Hello all!
I have some students that are preparing to submit their Create PT soon on Digital Portfolio. They are supposed to select the language they wrote their program in. There are two choices: App Lab & JavaScript. Which should they select? Thanks!
Lizzy Quinanola


Well, it’s a weird question (not your fault) because App Lab is programming environment for programming in JavaScript.

I’m guessing in this context the student should choose “AppLab” since it’s probably what they’re going to use to assign an AP reader to the project based on what the reader says they’re familiar with.




In my students’ written responses for part 2A, they said that they used JavaScript. Will there be an issue that the selection of App Lab on Digital Portfolio doesn’t exactly match what is in their written responses? I know they are one in the same, but I want to make sure that my students won’t be penalized.


I don’t think that should be a problem, and is actually exactly how I would do it. I would say the language is JavaScript but written in App Lab. The former is actually the language, but it’s important to flag it as an app lab project since how the code interacts with the UI elements is unique. Again, I’m pretty sure selecting App Lab as the project type in the digital portfolio is how the college board will cluster the projects and delegate to readers who know app lab.



In the class set-up you can choose app lab as your programming language.