Random Lego blocks?

I was wondering if this activity should have random blocks or should each student have the exact same blocks? I gave all my students the same blocks.

That’s a great question and I never thought about it before. I think you can do it either way. Having the same blocks would be easier in case the activity extends over multiple periods and you don’t need to worry about which group has which set of blocks. But, then the creativity may be less - more groups may come up with similar designs.

I don’t have a set with so many blocks of the same color, shape, and size. So each group has random blocks. I try to get this activity done within a class period, otherwise I have to make sure I ask the students to put a post it on the bags with their names on it. This also reduces the chances of two groups creating the same design.


@kcrotwell - I give each group 5 random lego pieces including trees, people, odd shapes etc. Makes it much more interesting!


@kcrotwell I agree with my fellow facilitators. Giving students random shapes and types of lego pieces will allow students to be creative and pay close attention to the instructions. I give my students each five shapes.