Reflect sprite in sprite lab

I would like to teach a short unit for an intro to coding using sprite lab. I need to connect it with my math content standards, but I cannot see how students can perform a reflection in sprite lab.
I don’t have time to teach all of unit 3 in CS discoveries so students can use game lab – is there another way I can address this?
Thank you

Hi @eoften,

You might need to give us more information about what you mean by reflection. I am thinking very literally (a mirror image of something) but not sure if that is what you mean.

There are some other resources that MAY?? be helpful to you:

  • Here is a catalog of curriculum where you can search by topic. It also does a good job of showing smaller activities and age group. Perhaps you can find something that would work with your limited time.

  • Computer Science Connections is also another resource that shows some examples of cs lessons that would work in classrooms such as math or language arts.

I know these may not be exactly what you are looking for. Let us know more information about your question and hopefully someone can share more resources.


Thank you for your response. I had been using the CSP curriculum, but now I am looking to use something with my high school geometry class.
So yes, I am looking at reflecting a sprite as a mirror image. I used the catalog of curriculum to find the level F curriculum, which I had thought would work, but the sprites do not appear toe be doing a pure reflection there.
At this time, I switched over to game lab, and am extending the project over a few weeks for students to work on asynchronously with structured check in points. It looks like there is a sprite.mirror() function in game lab that does not exist in sprite lab.

So I’m curious. Is this working in a geometry class for you? I love the idea! Very creative!

We are working on this now. I will be sure to report back. It is a long term project that students are working on mostly outside of class time.