Reflecting on Summer CS in Science PD


I am new to it all and it is a lot for me at once because i have had no background in it. It is better than I thought it would be though.


This was very informative but I feel I have to learn more and find that comfort zone where I can start working with my children. It will definitely take sometime.


Iam new at this but still willing to give it a chance


Even though the PD is over I feel that I still have not mastered how to use the blocks as effectively as I need to. I am still working on it and I have a plan to implement what I have learned in my class. I feel that my students will enjoy this. They will probably feel the same frustration I do but I think they will do well.


I am excited about this program because I envision my students being engaged and enjoying the whole process. One of my concerns is staying within my time frame. Some of the modules do not fit with my curriculum, so I just need to focus on Modules 1 and 4. I will be starting Module 1 in just a few weeks, so I do want to prepare myself and not overwhelm or rush my students. Pacing will be important. I am lucky that I have a good group of students who I will rely on to give me feedback.


I am excited to just be able to implement this. I know I am going to struggle, but the resources are there for me to use. I have learned a lot for sure and there is so much more to learn. I don’t know what I really need help with just because I need to play with the program some more to refresh my memory and just do some trial and error. I haven’t mastered any of the content, some areas I feel good about and others not so much. I think I need more review and practice with the more advanced programming steps.


I am very excited to see my students’ response to the starnova.


I’m excited to teach students a skill that I truly believe will benefit them in the future. This seems to be one of those skills that everyone will need to know by the time my students are in college, and it’s going to be a lot easier to start learning it now!

I’m anxious about helping students work through problems. I anticipate a lot of frustration from them, and I’m not 100% confident in my own skill with this program. To help all of us, I’d take it very slowly and be clear about what steps to take. That way, all students can feel successful at first. Then, I can gradually hang back and let them struggle a little bit.


i am excited about implementing this with my students but I still feel I have a way to go before I feel comfortable.


I think it’s a lot of good information. I just need to use it to be comfortable with using and teaching it.


I really need to master the language of coding and figuring out where the blocks go. It’s hard to find the time to sit down and just explore, try and retry the programs.


I agree!!! I need more one on one help, too. It’s easier when you have at least one partner to talk things out with.


Gee, I learned a lot during the Summer PD. I was lost during phase one, but then it really clicked when we met in person. What I liked about that was the openness everyone had with each other, and the help I got from people. It was great to see so many teachers being challenged, and enjoying their learning.


The summer PD was really intense for me. It was way outside my comfort zone and I tried my best. I have a lot of concerns about implementing in the classroom but I will have to work on my own to figure things out. I really wish the summer PD had shown us step by step how to put the coding together and how it will work once they are tied together. I feel I would have been more comfortable with doing that in my classroom. I felt rushed and totally overwhelmed after leaving the PD. For me, I would have liked if they had the commands color coded and explained what they did or maybe examples of what to do or how to set up.


I’m really excited to engage the students in this as we were engaged a few weeks ago. The modeling will really help me know what to do in my classroom.


I think students will be excited as they go through the 20 hr prep course and even Module 1. I’m looking forward to that. What I will need support with is in helping troubleshoot the students’ problems in class. I’m concerned I won’t be knowledgeable enough to quickly identify their problems and steer them the right way in a time that fits a class period! I do have large regular classes this year. They’ll have to pair up, but I’ll still have 19 possible models to attend to. Hopefully, I will have many “go to” students.


I am currently trying to work out how to fit in coding with the current curriculum. This seems to be the biggest hurdle I have at the start of the school year. Once I get past this issue, I feel as though I will be ready to work through coding alongside my students.


I feel that the summer PD was helpful except on the last day our computers were down when we were creating our projects so I didn’t get very far. Now after a few months I feel a little lost. Some of my created projects were missing parts and I felt like I had to start from scratch. It is taking me a lot longer than it should. I hope the refresher PD will be helpful.


I am still trying to get comfortable with the content of all the drawers - what to use, when to use which, and how to use them effectively. The logic and theory is pretty straight forward but feeling more comfortable with the execution will take lots of time and practice and learning from mistakes.


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