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What happens if Russia cuts the underwater cables running through Atlantic? Redundancy ftw.

I just came here to post this! I saw this pretty much the same day we went over it in class. I wrote up a short worksheet to go along with the article if anyone is interested in using it in class:

Read the news article “What Would It Take To Cut U.S. Data Cables And Halt Internet Access?” and discuss it in groups of 3-4. Answer the following questions; you may work together but everyone should turn in their own copy.

  1. How does this article relate to concepts we have discussed in class? Did you learn anything you didn’t already know from reading it?

  2. The origins of the Internet date back to the 1960s when the US government wanted to build a fault-tolerant communications system – basically the entire design goal of the Internet is such that attacks or technical issues that disable one part of the network won’t impact the entire system. Based on what you read in the article and what we discussed in class, is a scenario where Internet access is totally halted by cutting some fiber optic cables a realistic threat? Why or why not?

  3. How do the following quotes from the article relate to our lessons on routing, redundancy, and reliability?

“Normally, the traffic is diverted if a cable is cut, because clearly any commercial operator wants to ensure their customers still have service … And so the traffic is just automatically re-routed to a good route,” Schofield tells All Tech.

“The industry is built to be robust; it’s built for failure,” he says.

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Thanks for sharing, Doug and Frank!

Do you think this go better here in 2.4 or after Lesson 2.5?