Resources to teach about Sprite Groups

Hi all!
Does anyone have any resources made to introduce using group sprites and the camera properties?

I am not aware of anything official other than the documentation for Game Lab, but there are a few youTube videos I found that seem to do a pretty good job.

Here’s one and another on grouping sprites.

Here’s one on cameras. Probably not exhaustive and tbh, I haven’t watched this last one the whole way through, but it does show how to use a camera to focus on a single sprite so as that sprite moves, the camera follows it. At least one good “real life” example. Hope this helps!

If anyone else has good resources, let’s post them here so we have some more good examples for future readers!


Thank you!! I will see what I can come up with and hopefully have something to share back. Maybe I’ll have the kids help create it…:slight_smile:

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