Run Studio.code games on Raspberry Pi?

First time in this Forum. Does anyone run Javascript games on a Raspberry Pi 3 (or 4) computer, aka RPi 3 or RPi 4? Our class would like to use the inexpensive RPi computers to create arcade games that run on the RPi computers. We don’t want to become Linux experts, though. We can do that through a browser, but want to “embed” the games on the Raspberry Pi so they are available without an Internet connection; that is, in a stand-alone computer.

Any help greatly appreciated. --Jon

I wish I had some advise for this, but I haven’t had any experience with using Raspberry Pis this way. Maybe someone on the forum has?

Greetings @tituskz1g,

I have made some progress in this regard though I haven’t made a full concrete local program that can decompile gamelab games it still requires internet connection since I’m not storing the files locally and I’m getting all the code asset wise from the host though I could possibly write a program that can handle something like this if there is considerable interest though I’d love to hear if anyone else has managed to accomplish this

Update: you can run this using a hosting site like github which will allow it to run EX: without issue if you want it to run locally you may run into a lot of issues depending on what browser your using as asset sharing which i haven’t gotten the hang of at all yet I’ll keep ya in the loop though

Ok… so after reading up a bit later hosting the files yourself can be a bit tricky and especially if your district is super strict you may not even be able to do this at all but I’ll provide it here for the sake of solving this question you’ll need a terminal or an application that can mimic a CDN since files can’t be contributed in most cases otherwise if you have a project without assets the project should run without issue this includes images and sounds along with animations though from my experience the sound doesn’t seem to screw it up too badly because it will still technically run since your running this on the Arduino I’d hope you have python installed that way you can run it as a server in the shell I’ll show what i mean below

# below is what you will use to host your file on your device terminal
cd */<directory>/<file>
# python <make> http server at port 8000 can be any port within acceptable range
python -m http.server 8000

Note you will also need an export of your current project in a local directory to do this [click projects] → [click share] → [click show advanced options] → [click export] by doing this you can activate the script above so long as you have python installed within the PI shell

you’ll also need to know the current IPV4 address of the current device you can do that by opening up another shell to get that info I’ll show the code below

arp -a

this will give you the address your trying to reach, once everything is in place it’s time to open up your web browser to connect to your own ip address using the current port we opened up the link would look something like this

http://<ip address>:<port>

after that you should be all set and the project should load effectively though if you want the project to show up any differently you will have to get into modifying the current exported files to get the desired result anyways best of luck!


As @varrience states, it is a bit tricky and it looks like he may have an option for you. He gave great instructions on how to download the files from a GameLab project. This discussion in the forum may help as well. I also found this information about using p5 locally but not sure if that helps with a GameLab game.

Good luck!