Can students implement their javascript from Unit 3 in their html?


After my students progress through the web development with HTML and CSS and having completed the Game design unit using javascript in CSD curriculum, I was hoping to do a project to tie it all together. I was hoping to use to meld the three languages to make a comprehensive end of year project for this. I don’t know what libraries the app lab ide uses or how to go about this. Any help would lead to an AWESOME end of year student coded website with their game! If this is not possible, can they embed an app lab widget with their code from Unit 4? Thanks in advance!!!


Both Game Lab and App Lab include both additional libraries and some backend stuff that would be pretty tough for a student to put together. Your best bet would be to use the embed codes to let students stick their Game/App Lab projects into a Web Lab site. You can get the embed code by clicking “Share”, clicking the “Show advanced options” link, and then copy/pasting the embed code into your HTML. Hope that helps.



Thanks Josh! If it just a matter of setting up a canvas and adding some include statements, my advanced students could handle that…I think. But if the libraries are proprietary and/or more involved than the above, embed should work great. I’ll give it a shot. I have the luxury of keeping many of the same kids 6th- 8th and some of their aptitudes surprise me! Thanks for the opportunity!


Another approach is to use our project export feature in App Lab, which gives you a zip of the whole project, libraries included. It’s a bit buggy, but generally works - the only major caveat is none of the data commands work in an exported project because you’re no longer connected to our services. We’ve got a blog post with details here

We should eventually have something similar for Game Lab, but it’s not on our development calendar any time soon.


I have students this semester ALREADY asking how will they add their game to their webpage. THANK YOU SO MUCH for instructions on finding embed link!!