Combining App Lab and Game Lab


My students would like to link their Game Lab game to their App Lab project. Is this possible?


I don’t know for sure, but I suspect the answer is no. The only way I can see to even try would be to import the share URL from Game Lab into App Lab, but I haven’t tried it personally. You’ll have to let us know if you figure it out!


I’m going to dig deeper into this issue and see if we can’t find a way or at least see if will make it happen.


Hi Patrick,

There’s not really a good way to do this right now, mainly because Game Lab and App Lab are both a fixed size, and there’s no way to fit one into the other very easily. You can embed Game Lab and App Lab projects in a web page, including one made in Web Lab, but that’s the extend of embedding that’s well-supported right now.



Thank you, Elizabeth. I’ll let the student know.

Also, is there a way for students to ask questions to help with problem solving. This is a skill they need to develop.


Hi Patrick,

Because of privacy regulations, we don’t have a way for us to interact easily with students. If a student under 13 contacts us, we are unable to answer them for legal reasons. We’re trying to create more robust resources for them to use, but this will take time.