How to use Javascript outside of the javascript widget

I didn’t really know a better place to put this, so here goes

In the CSD class the kids learn webdesign and also javascript. I thought it would be really cool if they could take their javascript from their and use it in the web pages they created. I know to create something simple like an page alert etc… by using but how do I take the programs they write and be able to put those on a web page? Any direction would be appreciated.

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Mr. Korb,

I agree and when I was teaching CS before CSD, I used it as a transition for students to recognize the possibilities of interaction with the user. Currently there is no lessons for this, but every class is different and every teacher more/less comfortable with the content. A former curriculum I used, Exploring Computer Science, has a few lessons on Javascript before it moved on to Scratch (when no Code Studio existed). I’d suggest looking at George Benainous ECS Website which has some basic tutorials, or using Codecademy or [W3Schools] ( as references. If you develop a lesson or two, share it and we can maybe get the ball rolling!


I really like
It is not a teaching tool but rather a place to create. Students can follow each other so you can have an account and they can follow and fork(copy) your code.
Much of what has in their javascript comes from
Its pretty easy and similar to get started but you do have to import the libraries.
Check it out and let me know how it goes.


Game Lab projects can be embedded directly into your students’ websites. When the students are ready, they can click “Share” on their Game Lab project. In the “Share” dialog, click on the “Show advanced options” at the bottom. A new “Embed” text box will open up in the dialog. Inside is code that they can paste directly into their web pages to embed the Game Lab project.


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I’d love to see this as part of’s curriculum as I don’t have time for the kids to go to another site and learn the differences between’s code and true javascript(I don’t know the differences myself)
It would be great for the weblab to incorporate with the gamelab.
I’ll have to try the embed idea that was suggested.