Unit 3 - Practice outside of code.org

Can anyone direct me to a free program I can use outside of code.org that practices the JavaScript learned in unit 3? For example after completing unit 2 on code.org, I have students use notepad to make a website. Is there a program that would easily transfer the skills used in unit 3?
Thank you,

I personally would use Visual Studio Code.


As @pluto suggests, Visual Studio Code is a great code editor that could be used to create websites including adding javascript projects to it.

But, it isn’t a site with project ideas or instructions on creating new projects if that’s what you are after.

For something like that, you would want to look at other sites like codehs and others that may provide further instruction (typically with an associated cost).

Hope this answers your question.


I considered visual studio code. I think I need to find a good youtube video on how to use it, though. I am looking for something ‘real’ for students to use and not necessarily another controlled/simulated environment. Thanks!

In that case, Visual Studio Code is probably the current Gold Standard as it is extensively used by professional web developers, probably more than any other environment.

good luck!