Creating supplemental assignments in or?

How do you supplement Unit 2 HTML coding lessons? I wanted to add an assignment on tables, since it isn’t covered in Unit 2… I’m stuck stuck on how to create the assignment and assign it for them to code.


When I want to do that, I’ll usually make my own project in Web Lab and use html comments to provide the instructions for the assignment. Then, I share the project link with them and they need to remix it and finish the code.

Here’s an example of one of the table assignments I give my students. For this one, I give them a skeleton of the code and all of the css. In my other class (web development), they start with this, but on later assignments have to do their own css to go with it.

Make sure and click “View Code” at the bottom of the page to get to the source file.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, looks great! How do you then grade their work? Does it show up on their student account along with the rest of the work on the unit? If not, it really would be nice if had an extra “teacher assigned” area in another unit so that we could supplement and grade.


At our school, we use canvas. I find it is easier for me if they “share” their final project and get the shared link and submit it to me in canvas.

If you don’t use something like that, you could have them email you the link or something similar.

I know that in unit 3, there are a lot of free play lessons and you could use one of those for a unit 3 project in Game Lab, but I agree it would be nice to have some “free play” or “teacher assigned” area as you mention. I would suggest you send that recommendation to It seems like it would be something that would be easy to implement.


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