HTML coding outside of



I see my students for 10 weeks and then get a new group. We are finishing up Unit 2. Next year they will work on Unit 3.

Some of my students want to continue to code in HTML, and asked me where they can do that. Do your have any resources or suggestions for me to guide them? They are 7th graders.



My students find the tutorials on W3schools to be very useful.


Diane and Mrs. Esposito,

I’ve also used Khan Academy and Codecademy because both of those allow teachers to see progress as students are stepping through their lessons. I use W3School as well, but sometimes I need to see students understanding and those two help as students cannot move to the next stage without completing the current.



I really like . I’m user theOneTrueOld on there to see the, not so good, things that I have made.

Sign up for a free account. Students can make pages and see some insane examples!
They can also fork examples, like and follow others too.


Dash has three EXCELLENT projects.