Scoreboard Disappears

Many students are having issues of the scoreboard not showing once they apply a background. Can not figure out why. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Chris,

On Lesson 21 bubble 7, check the example solution on your teacher panel. You can use the example to compare to your students code. Check to make sure they have the code in the right order. Code is always read from the top down so this line showScore (); needs to be below the background code. If this doesn’t work can you click the “Share” link at the top of the project page and paste it here so we can see the entire program? That will help us to see the full context of what is going on.

Still not working and her code looks correct…think the issue is with the background. Other students having the same problem when they use a background.



Hi Chris,

She is drawing the sprites after she draws the score, so her sprites are covering up the scoreboard. She needs to draw the score after she draws the background sprites.