Scoreboards Not Showing Up When Students "Share" Projects

I noticed a few days ago, as I was checking students work, that they were creating scoreboards, but I couldn’t see them in their shared projects. When I clicked “View Code”, I could see the boards. Today two students came to me and told me the same thing. Their boards work when they view/work on the code, but not on the shared project.

The crazy thing is TODAY when I checked their shared links, the boards showed for ME, but not for the students. I had other students check their work and they could not see the scoreboards either.

Here is a link to one of the projects in question.. We’d be greatful for any help or advice that can be given!

Hi Emily,

That is a really weird bug. When I look at the project, I can see the scoreboard just fine, so I have no idea what the problem might be. If you want to pursue this a little more, you can use the “Report a Bug” feature to write in, and we can investigate.


Thank you! I forgot about that feature.